Case study: Congressional staff alumni support next generation

Congressional staff are the engine of the nation’s Legislative Branch. Though they’re rarely in the public eye, they are a constant and crucial presence in the US Capitol. 

Following the January 6 attacks on the Capitol, Congressional staff alumni mobilized to share notes of support to current staffers.

“We know that staffers stay out of the spotlight. You whisper your advice. You write the words that others speak. You hold the phone and sort the mail and listen to the stories and follow up on the cases. We know that you are the heart and soul of the People’s House. A community of staffers who came before stand with you. And we sincerely thank you for your service,” wrote one alumni. Read all their notes at

The initiative was created by the Congressional Staff Alumni Council, former staffers supporting and advocating for Congressional staff. They used CityBase Screendoor to quickly create and publish the online form and manage submissions, including sending follow-up messages through the solution to those who had yet to respond.

“Many of the former staffers lived through 9/11 and the anthrax attacks. We have Members of Congress who are circulating the notes to current staffers,” said Travis Moore, a member of the Congressional Staff Alumni Council. “We’ve nearly doubled the number of folks lending words of encouragement to Congressional staff, because I was able to send follow ups via CityBase Screendoor.”

Organizations across the country and state and local governments are using CityBase Screendoor to digitize and automate manual processes, improve service and responsiveness to constituents, and simplify collaboration among staff teams. 

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