Interactive Voice Response

Pay by Text and Chat

CityBase IVR allows users to make transactions in real time with dialogue that’s easy to set up. The CityBase IVR solution is a single engine providing voice, text, and chat to customers, in English, Spanish, or other languages. Transactions post immediately, using the secure CityBase payment platform.

Real-Time Account Management

CityBase IVR enables customers to oversee their accounts with real-time integration to your underlying source systems. We offer a system that allows transferring out to a call center, another IVR system, or internal staff members. CityBase IVR allows customers to look up accounts, payment history, pending payments, or their current balance. The CityBase IVR solution is easily configurable to your specific needs so it can grow with your organization.

CityBase Pay IVR

Convenient payments for customers, powerful reporting for staff

Outbound Prompts and Notifications

Using proactive prompts and notifications, CityBase IVR can notify customers on open payments, due dates, any utility outages, and more.

Revenue Reporting

Powered by CityBase Pay, the IVR solution allows for unified reporting with all other supported payment channels. Use CityBase as your payment processor to unlock better revenue reporting tools for staff and management.

Text to Speech

Use text-to-speech functionality, with translation from English to Spanish and other languages. Changes to a script can be implemented quickly and easily.

Data Security

CityBase IVR is PCI-DSS compliant and employs an advanced two-tier proactive monitoring solution to ensure a 99% uptime, and has geographically dispersed disaster recovery sites.

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