Permitting Services

Business Permits and More

Simplified Forms and Payments

With CityBase’s simplified forms and payments, people applying for a permit can find and complete the steps easily from their computer, a mobile device, or in-person on point of sale (POS). Forms are intuitive and use conditional logic, so applicants only see the questions relevant to them. Direct integrations to agency databases provide easy lookups and help validate information before a person hits submit.

Case Management and Follow-Up

CityBase Case Management software helps government staff to simplify complex, multi-step permit applications like business permits. Public servants can see all requests at a glance or click into someone’s case to view more details. Collaborate across multiple agencies and send follow-up forms to proactively move people to the next stage.

The CityBase Permitting Solution

Follow-Up Forms

Make it easier for people to complete their full application. Send applicants follow-up forms with pieces of information that were collected from the last form already filled in, like a proposed business address and the owner’s contact information.

Secure, Easy Payments

Applicants can complete a submission that requires a fee by paying online with card or check on the same government web domain, or pay in cash on a kiosk or POS. Transactions processed by CityBase exceed industry security standards and are PCI Level-1 compliant.

Real-Time Integrations to Multiple Agencies

Permitting often involves several government agencies, like Planning, Fire, Treasurer, and more. A recent survey found that 65% of agencies receive requests that another agency handles instead. Use a solution that directly integrates in real-time to various agency databases, so that anyone who touches a permit process has access to the latest status of an application.

Better Customer Service

Don’t leave people wondering what the status of their application is. CityBase Case Management allows you to set automatic updates so people know the minute their application status changes, or when they need to submit additional information. Let users log in to check back on the status of a permit application or renewal, or set reminders for upcoming payments like property taxes.

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