SCC Panel: Personalizing Government for Every Resident

Tuesday, April 2, 2019
3:05PM–3:55PM Mountain Time
Colorado Convention Center, Room 111/113
Denver, CO

Join CityBase and leaders in the public and private sector for this panel at Smart Cities Connect Spring 2019.

An effective smart city uses technology to make it easier for households and businesses to interact with their government. To meet this standard, a key variable is whether or not people use the technology that local government makes available. Hear from experts in government and the private sector about how we can make an everyday interaction a positive, personalized experience, and use those interactions to promote deeper engagement between a city and its residents.


• Micheal Carroll, CIO, Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA)

• Mike Duffy, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, CityBase

• Seyi Fabode, Founder / Product and Go-To-Market Strategy, Varuna

• Michael Pegues, Chief Information Officer, City of Aurora, IL

• Karen Pellegrin, UI Designer/ Web Content Developer, City and County of Denver

• Liz Fischer, Chief Marketing Officer, CityBase (Moderator)

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