Smart Cities Connect Panel – Intelligent Utilities: the Missing Link to Smart Cities

Wednesday, October 25, 2018
Tampa Convention Center
Tampa, Florida

Intelligent Utilities: the Missing Link to Smart Cities

The smart city vision requires an engagement platform that connects people and dynamic, personalized information. Disparate smart initiatives will repeatedly bear the cost of driving users to adopt proprietary interfaces. They are missing a compelling reason to engage and consume information. Trusted utility providers can be the bridge between millions of households and businesses and their local governments. While people may engage with their cities once or twice a year, they engage with their utility companies monthly or more. Utility companies hold established community networks, data-rich infrastructure, and the means to innovate quickly and scale new tech—all crucial to a meaningful smart city movement.


  • Mike Duffy, CEO and Founder, CityBase
  • Lora McClendon, Director of Military and Federal Strategies, Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce
  • John Smola, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Alabama Power


Visit CityBase at Booth 718.

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