Marketplace.City – COVID-19 Readiness for Cities

Friday, March 20, 2020
11:00AM – 12:00PM CDT

In light of the COVID-19 virus epidemic, city leaders must respond by maintaining situational awareness, communicating with residents, and taking actions to limit the spread of the virus. has compiled a list of solutions that cities can use to prepare and respond to COVID-19. We will be joined by representatives from these companies to present a quick overview of their solutions and how to access them.

In this session we will hear from the leaders of tech companies offering solutions, we have invited the following:

  • Xaqt: Call Center Automation
  • Zencity: Coronavirus Action Plan
  • Citibot: SMS Push Notifications
  • Geospiza: Visualize Vulnerable Communities in Crisis Events
  • Citybase: Online Forms to Enable Remote Government Services

For a full list of solutions, visit our landing page here:
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