Digital Services

Eliminate Paper Forms

Start Service and Accept Payment

Residents can easily apply, request, register, search, and pay for government and utility services. Through CityBase Screendoor, build mobile-friendly forms that support conditional logic, e-signatures, submission fees, and more.

Intuitive User Interface

A clean, consistent user interface is easy to navigate and act upon. Requesting any service feels familiar no matter which agency or department oversees it. Back-end integration is instant and universal, eliminating redundant manual data entry.

CityBase Screendoor

Streamline the process behind your online forms

Real-time Validation

Information is validated in real-time as a person types it, so forms are submitted correctly and processed faster.

Process Automation

Automatically assign, sort, and forward responses, while mapping your process in plain English.

Priority Support

Receive phone and email support within 2–8 business hours, alongside in-person training.

Single Sign-on

Use your current identity provider’s credentials to authenticate with Screendoor.

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