Another Tremendous TCB Week at CityBase

Another Tremendous TCB Week at CityBase

CityBase held its 2nd “Taking Care of Business” or, TCB week, September 26-30 and what a week it was! TCB Week was created to give employees the chance to trim down internal meetings and allow more time to make meaningful progress on important projects. 

But TCB Week is far from all work. The CityBase team participates in various fun events designed to recharge teams and offer ample opportunities for employees that may not see each other frequently to reconnect. And on an individual basis, it affords everyone the opportunity to reset and get refreshed as they prepare for the next quarter. 

The culmination of the 2nd TCB Week yielded immediate positive feedback from employees. In an anonymous survey sent out the following week, one employee shared, “I thought this was a great idea, and proved to be a great reset. I felt more energized going into the week after TCB week, and like I had made progress on several projects that had stalled or taken the back-burner.”


TCB Week Means Team-building

CityBase believes that playtime fuels creativity, innovation, and team chemistry. So with the ushering in of another TCB Week for CityBase, the organizers handpicked some events guaranteed to help team members to reconnect with others and recharge teams across the organization.

Melissa Footlick, CityBase’s COO, feels strongly about continuing to help teams remain connected and providing ample opportunities for everyone to get refreshed after stretches of hard work. 

“None of the amazing work we do is possible without the amazing people that work at CityBase. One of our biggest values that guides a lot of our initiatives for employees is the understanding that our people are our greatest asset. So we aspire to support them in any way we can so that they can tackle exciting challenges and put out new products and services that will continue to wow our clients.”


The Air of Mystery

You know what they say about all work and no play. And that is why the TCB Week Team organized time not just to focus on projects at hand and acknowledge the great accomplishments of the past quarter, but also to just play. The gauntlet was set down in front of the team to get creative and come up with a solution: there is a murder to solve.

A fake one. Not to worry. We had a murderer. Again, a fake one. Best actor went to Agnes Annen, CityBase’s superstar Administrative assistant, and Best Detective went to Matt Johnson, CityBase’s superstar Director of Solutions Engineering, but the real star of the show was the teamwork where everyone contributed with their individual strengths to solve the murder. And who can resist the chance to sport a variety of fun wigs, hats, boas, and costumes? Success never looked sillier. 


The Murder Mystery crew, September 28, 2022


Volunteering with our Furry Friends in Mind

CityBase believes strongly not only in building a great sense of community within its organization but also giving back to the community at large. The team brainstormed ideas to allow employees to give back while simultaneously reconnecting more with one another. 

Kayla Kauffman, Demand Generation Manager, organized two sessions for the CityBase team to get together in-person and for others to join in virtually, to make toys for dogs staying at the Anti-Cruelty Society while they wait for their forever homes. The crafting crew finished off with over 20 new toys to keep the puppies’ paws full for quite a while. One employee’s dog even dropped by the CityBase office to make new friends. 


TCB Week is Here to Stay

This was Round 2 of the quarterly endeavor and the positive feedback has clinched the idea of going for Round 3. Beyond the more structured events, it is clear employees equally welcomed the time this week afforded them to connect in organic ways with fellow employees as well. 

“I had the opportunity to have more in depth conversations with teams across the organization to learn more details about the cool things they have been working on during the last couple of months. Work hard, play hard is a cliche. We like to think we blend the two this week and as much as possible throughout the quarter,” conveyed one employee.

With feedback like that, it is no surprise that brainstorming for the 3rd TCB Week is already underway. It will undoubtedly be an exciting way to close out another successful year at CityBase.

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